Dutch heavy rock band The Apologist release “Emerge” EP

Dutch heavy rock band The Apologist released their debut EP “Emerge” on the 22nd of January 2016. The release was celebrated with an energetic, sold out hometown show in Fluor, Amersfoort. “Emerge” contains six heavy rock songs produced by the renowned Jurriaan J.J. Sielcken (Jett Rebel, Coppersky).

The Apologist introduced themselves to the Dutch scene with a bang in 2014 by releasing the single “Wasted Time”. “The Lesser Gods" followed its succes shortly thereafter. After only a few months the band was selected out of hundreds of aspiring acts, to participate in the annual Dutch national Popronde tour. This brought the band's live show to all corners of the Netherlands leaving the rockers eager to take the next step.

“Emerge” marks this next step in their career, taking the band to the next level by diving deeper into a more experimental sound compared to their first singles. The new EP brings a darker, eerier atmosphere within the realm of grungy rock. Video artist Joel Gibbs made a short movie for the EP's first single “Reanimate” magnifying the anxious vibe of the song.

Now it is time to let 'Emerge' roam free in the wild!

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